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Ryver | Co-owner of Berry Crest Ranch

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1Ryver | Co-owner of Berry Crest Ranch  Empty Ryver | Co-owner of Berry Crest Ranch on Thu Jul 21, 2016 2:03 am

Ryver | Co-owner of Berry Crest Ranch  86902710

//Name ::  Ryver
//Nickname(s) ::  Momma Grem
//Species ::  Grem2
//Gender :: Female
//Height :: 5'8"
//Age :: 26
//Occupation :: Co-owner of Berry Crest ranch, Ryver does most of the primary care of the animals regarding health and safety. She tends to also work the finances here.
  ↳ SnowGrem2
  ↳ City Ears, Bare neck, Bun tail x2, Cherub wing mutation.
  ↳ Has started shaped pupils and has the ability to take a canine form.
  ↳  A well known grem, Ryver tends to he a mother figure for all that pass under her wings. She is a kind and gentle spirit with a love for all of the life. She sees no bad in anyone and everything has a silver lining.
  ↳ When off the clock Ryver can turn into a party dog and is know to be fond of going out to clubs and just getting wrecked. She's also rather passionate about other things as well.
When someone threatens her loved ones however, that's when nice momma ends aND vicious, rabid wolf Ryver strikes. Not stopping until the threat is away from her loves.
  ↳ Ryver isn't as compassionate about the animals as the other Co-owner, Sterling, but she loves them all regardless.
  ↳ She tends to have very little patience for her Co-workers husband, May.
███ ▌History ::
Like most Eskigrems, she was created to help in a sled dog training facilty. After many months of abuse and nearly being blinded by her owner, Ryver ran deep into the woods to escape. She was taken in by Riot and taught to care for all. As she moved on with her life she stumbled into the lives of May and Sterling, who she now works and lives with lovingly.

Mate :: None, this is an Au for her

  ↳ Sterling.
  ↳ May


//Theme Song :: Little bird by Elizabeth Mitchell

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