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Dirk | Owner of Silken Deer Boutique

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1Dirk | Owner of Silken Deer Boutique Empty Dirk | Owner of Silken Deer Boutique on Wed Jul 20, 2016 7:45 pm

Dirk | Owner of Silken Deer Boutique Dirk_r12
//Name :: Dirk
//Nickname(s) ::
//Species :: Grem2
//Gender :: Male
//Height :: 7'
//Age :: 20ish (Exact age unknown)
//Occupation :: Seven Veils' Seamster
  ↳ Mock + City
  ↳ Royal + Poncho
  ↳ x3 Long
  ↳ Laid-back
  ↳ Generous
  ↳ Hardworking
  ↳ Affectionate
███ ▌History :: Dirk's creation was commissioned by a famous clothes designer/seamstress with three functions in mind. First was to be a companion for her/her escort to functions. Second was to be someone for her to teach all her tricks and to take over when she retired. Third was to be her bodyguard. During the decade or so he was 'apprenticed' to her he had saved her life several times.
 Dirk came to Seven Veils for a new start on life after he failed to save his owner from an assassination. It is something he regrets and refuses to talk about to all but those extremely close to him.

Mate ::

  ↳ Ester & Remus { }
  ↳ Impy { }


//Theme Song :: Love is a Beautiful Pain

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