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May | Resident of Berry Crest Ranch

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1May | Resident of Berry Crest Ranch Empty May | Resident of Berry Crest Ranch on Thu Jul 21, 2016 1:52 am

May | Resident of Berry Crest Ranch 13836210

//Name :: Mayflower Mavis
//Nickname(s) :: May (preferred)
//Species :: Human Hybrid
//Gender :: Male
//Height :: 5'2
//Age :: 20
//Occupation :: Works with his husband on an animal husbandry ranch, Tends to raise smaller critters such as rabbits, chickens and dogs
 ↳ Has four arms, but one is missing due to an accident
 ↳ Moth like wings which appear with magic and can disappear with magic
 ↳ Has a monster form that only comes to play when he's very hurt or very scared
 ↳ One word, tsundere. He's cold and hostile to everyone and everything, not caring what they do to help him or care for him. May has learned that no one can be trusted and everyone will eventually stab you in the back when given the chance.
He has fears of his father that cause crippling paranoia when out in the open as his father his out for his head. When he's indoors he tends to relax quite a bit more and often gets a more lazy Personality. Known to gorge himself on sweets and harass anyone nearby. The only known time where visitors or house mates get a break from his attitude is winter, where he hibernates for the full season.
There are very few and rare times where he opens up to people and let's out his emotions that he's been building up against his wall of anger and distrust. This can be a mix of self loathing anf hate all the way to sappy romantic feelings back down to depression.
This is rare for may to open up and if he does this to you please understand that under all his negative words and feelings he shows, it means he cares deeply for you.
 ↳ He's not as fond of the animals as his husband is, often sticking to Ryver or Sterling and not touching the beast that they keep
███ ▌History :: Son of Mothman and a normal human mother, May was the hated runt of his father's prodigy. He would never accomplish what his father desired and when he was old enough, Mays father attempted to kill his only son. Their lore claims the mothman can only have one child alive at a time and to have one like May, a runt who could barely fly, was a cure and disgrace to the family.
This never flew with may and he managed to escape
Eventually he came into touch with a young Naga named Akia, who took the boy out on boat rides to  hear him up from a recent break up May suffered through. Through these rides and trips May came into touch with an older gentleman by the name of Sterling. Back at this time May was rather chatty and full of life and often distracted easily by small things.
During one of many boat rides, the ship capsized and waterlogged the moth and permanently destroying his wings. This caused May to hit a severe spiral of depression which led him to many suicide attempts, each time being thwarted by Sterling and kept safe.
Begrudgingly after being kept around the older gentleman for so long and constantly being taken care of by the man, May realized he was growing feelings for the headless horseman. Unable to handle emotions properly, May showed this by lashing out and being unruly in the house.
During one night of may running off he was kidnapped and dragged into the underground by Payton's gang. He was to be used for human bait for one of Paytons fighting grems as they had run oit of proper bait. However may proved himself worthy by willing the grem he was put against, which bemused Payton into letting the moth go. Forming a close alliance it was all good for a bit before like most people, Payton turned his back in May and sent his Grem2 Frisk after the boy. Frisk maimed May to the point of loss of arm and May escaped with the help of his old Friend, Ryver as well as a cat.
Eventually being rescued from his death by a friendly seach merchant, May was eventually able to reunite with Sterling...

Mate :: Sterling

 ↳ Ryver


//Theme Song :: Hypnotized by Fever Fever

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