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Remus | Co-Owner of Cold Springs Fish Farm

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1Remus | Co-Owner of Cold Springs Fish Farm Empty Remus | Co-Owner of Cold Springs Fish Farm on Wed Jul 20, 2016 5:36 pm


Remus | Co-Owner of Cold Springs Fish Farm Remus_the_mantagrem_by_thehumanheart-d9xvkji

//Name :: Remus
//Nickname(s) :: Remy
//Species :: Hybrid Mantagrem
//Gender :: Male
//Height :: 6'7
//Age :: 28
//Occupation :: Fish Farmer
   ↳ Mantagrem traits [wings, tail]
   ↳ Royal Neck
   ↳ Knicked Ears [modified]
   ↳ Loyal
   ↳ Stubborn
   ↳ Hot-headed  
   ↳ Secretly a softie
███ ▌History :: Remus was created to serve as a bodyguard for Christian Wallace's eldest daugther, Ester. Being a high-profile man, and Founder and CEO of Wallace Energy, Remus was specialized designed to be the perfect protector and to take planned courses of action if anything were to happen. Mr. Wallace paid top dollar to have Remus be a Mantagrem in order to appease Ester's love for the sea, due to her childhoodbeing spent on a remote island in hiding. To keep the scientists quiet about his transaction many plans of action took place between his learning experience, some being taught personally by the CEO to ensure protection of information as well.
Remus was presented to Ester on her 23rd birthday. At first, she was skeptical of his creation, but then she warmed up to him. After an incident with her father and his business, Ester had to go into hiding. Over time, they found their way in Seven Veils, a small low-key countryside town in Rallome. Since no one would find them, the two set up a small fish farm with the rest of the money they had from Ester's father in order to make some income and to provide people with fresh fish to eat or to keep as pets.
They have only been in Seven Veils for one year and during the time they have stayed in that small town, the two got married and are now newlyweds.

//Mate: Ester { }



//Theme song :: If it's Love | Train

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