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Ester | Co-Owner of Cold Springs Fish Farm

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1Ester | Co-Owner of Cold Springs Fish Farm Empty Ester | Co-Owner of Cold Springs Fish Farm on Wed Jul 20, 2016 5:48 pm


Ester | Co-Owner of Cold Springs Fish Farm Ester_by_snerkflerks_by_thehumanheart-da54l22

//Name :: Ester Wallace
//Nickname(s) :: Ester, Sunshine, Goldilocks
//Species :: Human
//Gender :: Female
//Height :: 5'4"
//Age :: 24
//Occupation :: Fish Farmer
  ↳ Knowledge in fish rearing
  ↳ bad/semi-okay cook
  ↳ knows how to play the piano
  ↳ Optimsic
  ↳ Down to Earth
  ↳ Reliable
███ ▌History :: Ester is the eldest daugther of Christian Wallace and heiress of Wallace Energy. She always lived a pampered life, but yet had enough freedom to explore a life outside of luxury. Her childhood was spent living on a tropical island, allowing her to be immersed in wildlife, a bright social community, and a lifestyle that is much slower than Slategarde, the largest city in the world and located in Mezza.
Ester got Remus as a present from her father on her 23rd birthday, but it was cut short when an incident forced herself and Remus to go into hiding for their personal safety. With previous education and skills from their adventures, Ester set up a fish farm in the town of Seven Veils. The town was very tiny and extremely low-key. Perfect to go into hiding.
After a year of living within the town, the two got married and are now newlyweds.

//Mate :: Remus { ♥︎ }



//Theme Song:: Hold My Hand | Jess Glyne

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