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Cold Spring Fish Farm

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Cold Spring Fish Farm  Backyard-Fish-Farming-Aquaponic
By the edge of Cold Spring River that runs through Seven Veils, is a small fish farm right outside the town. Water from the river is rerouted through the farm to provide of the fresh water fish. Both owners, Ester and Remus handle many different types of fish. Ester hands the fresh water fish (trouts, salmon, freshwater clams), which was hatched and grown on site, while Remus takes care and raises salt water fish (squid, tuna, cod, etc) by the sea shore some miles away.
Within the farm, there is a small shed, where the hatchlings are raised. When grown into juveniles, they are put in small pools outside that are caged to prevent birds from eating them. A small river then runs to the downstream side of the farm are larger pools where the adults are kept to be sold and bred. The water from the pools then flows back to the river, so that fresh water always goes through both the hatch house, the juvenile pools, and the adult pool.
Outside the farm and by the coastline are several large pens. Remus goes into the sea to collect fish eggs during breeding season before hatching them and putting them in smaller pens. Once they are grown, they are put into bigger and large pens to continuously grow. Once the ocean fish are are good size, Remus collects them and brings them back to the fish farm to sell them.
In the middle of the farm, is a small two story house where both Remus and Ester reside.

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