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Impey | Seven Veils' handyman

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Impey | Seven Veils' handyman  Impey_by_thehumanheart-da7wfik

:: Impey 'Barbicane'
//Nickname(s) :: Imp, Impey, Barbie, Barbicane
//Species :: Grem2
//Gender :: Male
//Height :: 6'1''
//Age :: 38
//Occupation :: Town Handyman
   ↳ City + Long
   ↳ Bare Neck
   ↳ Prehensile + Thick
   ↳ Horns, Harlequin, Scale Plate
   ↳ hardworking
   ↳ cautious
   ↳ stoic
   ↳ reserved
███ ▌History :: Impey was once owned by Dr. Nicholl Barbicane, a genius engineer was then hired by the main energy provider on Palleth, Wallace Energy when the company first started out. It was Dr. Barbicane who really made Christian Wallace's company to what it is today. He created a new form of energy that can be uniformally distributed all over the planet, even to areas that aren't in large cities. Even when Impey was first 'born' he was gifted with the skills with engineering. The two of them built everything together and was happy. It was one day that Dr. Barbicane died and Impey was forced to take on his responsibilies. He didn't mind, but slowly without his master with him, he started to see everything that Dr.Barbicane hated with the company.
   As soon as bounties were placed on the heads of the CEO and his first born, the grem left alone and resides in a Seven Veils. Since everyone found his skills as a mechanic, plumber, and other skills, be became the town handyman. At the same time, Impey is hoping to complete his dream: To stand on both of Palleth's moons, Galla and Fel. To complete this dream, the grem in his spare time is slowly building a rocket...


   ↳ Remus & Ester { }
   ↳ Dirk { }


//Theme Song :: Factory Investigation

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