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thistle + rose | Margo's Flower Shop & Home  3f0204497df91159f31b786b9d76a40ethistle + rose | Margo's Flower Shop & Home  C5cbc3404b03640440d71a0d25457e3d

Upon Margo's arrival to Seven Veil's, it was evident the young brunette needed a place to stay. And without a job or something to do the town was somewhat slow and boring, especially with not that many residents. With the help of Remus, Ester, Impey, and other residents, they found an abandoned storefront apartment that Margo can live in, with the condition that she would have to make us of the storefront. It was that moment, Margo decided to let it be a florist shop, since there was not one in town.

Who else is gonna buy flowers for their loved ones or parties, right? All flowers she sells are collected and wildly grown around Seven Veils. She spends the early morning hours collecting and foraging before stay at the shop in the morning and afternoon. She keeps the shop closed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Right above the shop is a modest home Margo quickly build for herself using vintage and antique furniture that other residents didn't want. its actually quite cozy...

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