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Angel // Crops Farmer

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1Angel // Crops Farmer Empty Angel // Crops Farmer on Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:54 pm

Angel // Crops Farmer Mement10

//Name :: Angel
//Nickname(s) :: N/A
//Species :: Grem2
//Gender :: Female pronouns
//Height :: 5'1
//Age :: 21
//Occupation :: Primarily sells crops
  ↳ Long ears
  ↳ Bulb tail
  ↳ Bare neck
  ↳ Missing toe

  ↳ Snooty
  ↳ Haughty
  ↳ Selfish
  ↳ Independent

███ ▌History ::

Comes from a very rich family as a luxury pet with an attitude to prove it. She spent most her life outside of the Gremcorps with them until she was snatched by gangsters as their hostage. At first they used her to extort money from her family but she soon fell into lines with a Grem2 named Lucky. The two become good friends and Angel soon joined the gang as a regular member.

Time passed and Angel was last seen fleeing the country, bloody and bruised. She spent a month wandering, trying to survive on just berries she found in the forests. Borderline starved to death, she and Mercy crossed paths. She knew Mercy rather well- there was a bounty on him for a good year. Mercy insisted that the past was the past however, and everyone gets a second chance. Angel was taken in by him and nursed back to health. She would soon be a useful farm hand...As long as it doesn't involve dirt!

She nicknamed him 'Mercy' from her not knowing his real name.

Mate :: Has two girlfriends

  ↳ Mercy

  ↳ None yet

//Theme Song :: Pompeii - Bears Den

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