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Mercy // Crops farmer

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1Mercy // Crops farmer Empty Mercy // Crops farmer on Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:41 pm

Mercy // Crops farmer Ref_he11
|| Ref comes when the 7 day link rule ends ||
//Name :: Chiyo
//Nickname(s) :: Mercy (Strongly preferred)
//Species :: Grem2
//Gender :: Male pronouns
//Height :: 6'3
//Age :: 26
//Occupation :: Sells crops and chickens
  ↳ Long, Koi ears
  ↳ Long tail x2
  ↳ Golden flecks mutation
  ↳ Royal neck fluff -Shaved due to heat
  ↳ Solemn
  ↳ Thoughtful
  ↳ Socially Awkward
███ ▌History :: [Shortened and vague due to this being a plot for a comic I have planned!]

A grem who lived through it all. He didn't used to be so far out and into the farming life, but after... certain conditions, he was prohibited from staying in the cities, he fled to the country to save his life after  a hitman was sent to take care of him.

Years later, he settled into the countryside. He built a cabin, used whatever money he had left to buy some crops, and began to trial and error his way through life. Fellow farmers gave him tips and tricks and soon one gifted him his first two chickens.

Soon after, he stumbled across long time enemy named Angel, who spent years hunting him down for their master. She was outside of her element, weak, emotionally exhausted, scared and battered up but the Mercy still offered his paw to her after all she did to him.

Mate :: None

  ↳ Angel

  ↳ None yet!

//Theme Song :: Old Friend - Sea Wolf

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