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Vseslav | Sheepherder  S2C9lnA

art by rutiso @ DA!

//Name :: Vseslav
//Nickname :: Slava
//Species :: Grem2
//Gender :: Male
//Height :: 6'4"
//Age :: 27
//Occupation :: Shepherd
 ↳ Ribbed Ears
 ↳ Scruffy Fluffy Neck
 ↳ Brush Tail
 ↳ Oblivious - Not exactly one to catch onto subtleties or sarcasm, Slava tends to take things at face value, needing things told clearly and specifically to understand what's expected of him. And even then...
 ↳ Simple - A humble and easygoing grem, Slava is quite content to live a predictable, low-key life as a herder. He's not hard to please, either, thrilled by small gifts and gestures he'll never forget.
 ↳ Gluttonous - Slava's got a famously large appetite, known even to swipe food from others without a second thought. His favorite thing is to eat, simply, and some say his sheep herd isn't as large as it should be because of that...
 ↳ Loyal - Once Slava's bonded to someone, he's likely never to leave their side, faithful almost to a fault as he overlooks negatives and even his own needs to please others.

███ ▌History ::
Slava lived a relatively happy (if not somewhat degrading by others' standards) life as a special-order luxury pet, entertaining children with his puppy-ish antics and used as something to be flaunted by the adults. Because he had no other real use, he did get passed around a few owners as his novelty inevitably wore off, each time sure he would see the previous family again, then the next, then, well.

He finally found what was supposed to be his permanent home in a man named Vuk, intending to have the grem watch over his new family when he couldn't be around -- which was a lot of the time, as Vuk turned out to be a spy. Despite originally intending Slava to be just a companion to his wife and child, he found some use in using the grem in his own work, as a distraction, patsy, and even a buddy spy. Slava's silly mannerisms did well to have him slip right under the radar, and even he didn't always know what the information he was relaying meant, just that it had to be done!

Unfortunately, this double-life Vuk was living -- farmer and family man on the surface, spy and assassin under cover -- couldn't last long. What's a good spy drama without being found out and having your family threatened? So, Vuk fled with his wife and child. Slava was left behind to mind the sheep, act like he was the only one who'd ever lived there, holding onto the promise Vuk had made him that they'd be back.

Mate :: None!

 ↳ None yet!

 ↳ None yet!

//Theme Song :: Werewolf on the Hood of Yer Heartbreak - Man Man

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